Heather’s Path

Heather Hennessy is an author, inspirational speaker, national champion athlete and former national Fox Sports broadcaster. A high school track star, she earned a full athletic scholarship, subsequently, a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Southern California. On television, in classrooms, at conferences, and one on one Heather Hennessy has addressed and inspired audiences nationwide on topics ranging from sports to spirituality.

A 800-meter national champion as a teen, Heather aspired to become an Olympic athlete before breaking her back in a major accident. Although she later returned to the track, she could never regain her Olympic pace and felt she was being called to a new path.

After overcoming this heartbreak, she went on to become a rising star in sports broadcasting, hosting the Fox Sports shows MLB Baseball Report, College BCS Ratings, Final Score Extra, and FoxFlash. Another heartbreak — this time in the form of an unhappy, one-sided marriage — prematurely ended her broadcasting career.

To regain her power, her hope, and her life, Heather embarked on a year-long journey, studying with leaders in spiritualism and empowerment around the world. She not only survived, she found her true calling in helping others regain their own power.

Heather now teaches others how to rise above their regret, anger, and emptiness. She shows them how to find the strength to walk away from what isn’t working, how to achieve health and happiness, how to survive hardships and heartbreaks, and how to reject the notion that “having it all” means fame and fortune. Above all, she teaches that true lasting fulfillment comes from the inside. Healing has been Heather’s journey and she has the experience, knowledge, and tools to help anyone else do the same.

Heather is a life-long advocate for children. Her anti-bullying book, The Adventures of Dangles, is available on Amazon. In addition, she is working on other media ventures. Heather currently lives in both the Bay Area and Southern California with her beloved dog, Rose.