How my dog helped me heal

Posted: April 4, 2018 by Heather Hennessy

When one part of life goes dark, another part shines the light. My dog, Rose, shines that light for me.

She’s my one constant. My rock. My stability. My inspiration. My protector.

She was right there with me as my life crumbled to pieces. She was there when I left my big beautiful home that I had spent so much time building. She was there when I moved us into a one bedroom apartment, one of the darkest days of my life.

But when you care for a dog, your perspective changes. You realize that you don’t need that big beautiful house with all the stuff, because your home is where love resides. And love did not reside there. It’s here. With Rose. Truly, she was my home all along.

I named her Rose because she is the one that gets me to stop and smell the Roses. I wrote this in one of my posts on social media a few weeks back: I must have done something right because God truly gave me the BEST Rose of them all to get me through the challenging years of my life!

When things go horribly wrong, as they have for me over the past decade, it’s so easy to get mired in sadness, heartbreak, and fear. Sadness turns to sickness. Heartbreak becomes resentment. Fear becomes paralyzing.

But through my challenges I have not felt alone because I have Rose by my side. In fact, I can allow myself to be alone to reconnect to my true self and regain touch with my spiritual life. And when I feel my mind start to dwell on what didn’t “go my way,” just thinking of Rose pulls me back to positivity. I have that beautiful Rose dog right there… I don’t even need to look for other Roses to stop and smell because all I need is her! I say to myself, “While my life has been far from easy or perfect, I have this amazing creature by my side on this journey, and I’m going to just embrace it — and her!”

Rose comforts me. She patiently and happily sits by my side while I work on healing my life. When I have to cry it out, she always comes over to reassure me. When I don’t feel well she knows and comes and lays on me. Her purity energizes me and never leaves me feeling depleted. She gives me life.

Rose also makes me brave. She pushes me to leave the house when I’d rather hide. Thanks to her love for nature, I go out into it daily, and I meet so many wonderful souls on my path. Since she’s so comfortable with herself, she says hi to everyone and makes sure she leaves her mark. They’re all touched by her positive energy and spirit. Everyone see’s it in her.

I got my best friend, Rose, just when I needed her the most. When I was younger I couldn’t have a dog because my brother was allergic to them. But I would dream of one day having a dog who would be my true best friend. I must have dreamt her in existence.

Because, I got her.

Rose helped me realize that the things that fill you up in life are not the “stuff” but the souls that really give you love and make you smile. The rest just doesn’t matter.

So here’s my advice: if you’re struggling on your path, please rescue a dog or find a way to put yourself around animals. They provide unconditional love that is pure and everlasting. They don’t dwell on sadness, heartbreak, or fear. And they won’t let you dwell on it either.

And you may just find that your new friend will help you find yourself.



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