My Path

At seventeen, Heather Hennessy was America’s fastest 800-meter runner, primed for the Olympics, until a freak accident broke her back.  The accident ultimately derailed Heather from athletic stardom and an Olympic future, but all was not lost. After many ups and downs along her journey, Heather saw the setback as a blessing in disguise and chose a new path—to strengthen her spirit through prayer, meditation, and inspirational media.  The lessons and messages she reaped in this pursuit helped Heather discover what it means to be happy from the inside out. Learning that she couldn’t run away from her problems and had to cope with issues in stillness. Forcing her to be introspective, which is now the path she chooses.

Heather was a full scholarship track athlete at the University of Southern California and graduated with a BA in Communications. She worked as a National Broadcast journalist for FOX Sports, and is a published author.

Heather’s mission is to guide and inspire those on their path to healing and self discovery.

Love and Light,