Self Love

Posted: February 13, 2018 by Heather Hennessy

This Valentines Day I want you my friends to think about how you love yourself. I made the choice to share more of my story as I start to embark on a path that only came because of my ability to learn to cultivate self love. This journey I have been on over the past couple of years came from my desire to feel what true love could feel like. Through it I learned that it can only start with you growing that kind of love for yourself first. This path of self love was very new to me. From the dynamic I grew up with all I had known was to take care of everyone over myself. I was last on the list and willing to sacrifice my happiness and health to try to make others happy and fulfilled. But, this left me drained and sick. After a few surgeries from major health problems, I knew that I needed to change my life or I would end up in even worse shape.

What I know for sure is that when you close one door, another one opens. And as you let go of your past and all that doesn’t serve you, you allow for the light to shine bright on your path forward. Leaving my old life behind was hard. But, my loves, this Valentines Day I want you to know that it was finding self love within that has transformed my outlook and enabled my movement forward. Through learning to love myself more deeply I was able to shut the door on relationships that were showing up that didn’t reflect what I needed to believe on a deeper level I deserved. I was able to grow within an inner strength that has helped me to learn to not settle for less than I deserve.

True love heals and does not hurt. If you are reading this ask yourself if the love that you have in your life is lifting your spirit or draining it?  I know when I spend time with my dog Rose I am left filled up with positive energy and feeling as if I can conquer the world. But, in relationships from the past I would be left feeling confused, lost, and unable to be the best version of who I wanted to be in the world. If you are going to be in a relationship make sure this person helps you become the person you dream to be. Make sure they are the first to help you, and the first to believe in you. More importantly, make sure you love and believe in yourself enough to not stay with anyone who wouldn’t naturally want to see these things for you, or be willing to help you on your path towards them.

Make daily choices to choose self love. If you learn to have a deep love for yourself you won’t allow for anyone who shows up and lacks the ability to give you back that love you hold in your heart. Don’t settle for less! Always remember real love heals and uplifts you in all ways….it doesn’t hurt you. Happy Love day to you all!  Much love and light always, Heather and Rose



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