Speaking & Media

Heather Hennessy’s healing and life transformation has helped others nationwide do the same. She knows how to make dreams happen from sports to spirituality. Heather’s most popular subjects include female empowerment, discovering your authentic self, overcoming pain and heartache, and the power of meditation and prayer. A trained speaker and graduate of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Heather draws on both her personal and professional experiences for stories, insights, and inspiration.

As a teenage track star, Heather saw her Olympic dreams crushed by a tragic injury, but she rebounded to run again and discover a new path. As the wife of a professional athlete, she achieved her “dream life” in terms of fame and fortune, but the sacrifices she made for the difficult marriage made her realize what truly matters. And as a fast-rising sports broadcaster, she experienced the pressures women face in male-dominated industries, yet found ways to excel while preserving her values.

Heather’s candid, personal, and no-nonsense presentations have showed a wide range of audiences how anyone can find the strength to change their life at anytime.

To invite Heather to speak at your next event or group meeting, or to interview her for news stories email: pr@heatherhennessy.com